WEBCODER was established in 2016.Our aim is to provide quality training to the students of technical and non technical fields. We provide training to students who want to do job in IT sector. When students are in college, they do not have knowledge of technical field. There is no knowledge of how to work in a company.Our goal is to give good knowledge to the students of all fields so that the student does not face any problem in future.Teachers at IT institutes typically lack the industry-level development experience necessary to give students the breadth of topic knowledge necessary to succeed in the field. But at WEBCODER, we share the same development and coaching experience.

Why Internships are Important for Engineering Students or Freshers?

  • Work experience is one of the most prevalent and important issues that new hires must deal with when applying for a job. Every employer in the cutthroat world of today searches for the best candidate with professional experience. For a student to land a good job, earning a degree is insufficient; they also need industrial experience, and internships are crucial in this regard. A student's training for a skill they are good at during an internship gives them the opportunity to use their knowledge practically in industries.
  • We can conclude that the best way to reconcile the needs of the employer and academic learning is through an internship. Whether it's a paid or unpaid internship, students should try to gain as much knowledge and experience as they can because the company invests their time and energy to prepare them for the full-time employment opportunity within an organization. Students also get in-depth knowledge in their specific field in addition to just academic learnings.
  • Internships give students and recent graduates the chance to learn more about the career path they have chosen for themselves. Sometimes a student will initially find a certain field exciting, but when they realize the field is not a perfect fit for them, they will change their minds and choose a different field or domain. A student's internship serves as a trial and aids them in selecting their desired field from the variety of options available to them. Additionally, it aids them in choosing their objectives, their areas of passion, and the business with which they would like to work or collaborate.
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